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Franchise Business Opportunities


The greatest benefit of franchising is taking advantage of proven systems that are in place the very first day you open our doors. BootKamp® Pilates prepares you for that day, ensuring that you have the tools necessary to succeed. When you become a franchise, you gain access to valuable industry knowledge and a proprietary fitness program that works! We have cultivated programs to address the needs of your customers with precision and integrity.


The BootKamp® Pilates & Fitness franchise allows chiropractors, physical therapists, sports medicine M.D.s, trainers, and investors to enter the rapidly growing industry of dynamic Pilates. Working to fatigue is the biggest difference between BootKamp® and classical Pilates. You will use state-of-the art machines that allow muscles to work against stronger resistance, increasing effort and maximising results. We understand that time is precious. That’s why we’ve structured workouts to be as efficient as possible, to get clients the results they desire without wasting time. How often have you attended a Pilates class and wondered, “What happened?” That will never be the case in BootKamp® Pilates. Clients will leave your studio invigorated and looking forward to their next BootKamp® Pilates workout! 


Our certifications prepare your staff with powerful tools and fun routines that not only burn fat, improve flexibility, and increase core and overall body strength, but also promote back health, wellness, and improved quality of life. The BootKamp® Pilates & Fitness Studio franchise is a complete formula for success, one which leverages our past experience with the present opportunities in dynamic Pilates and personal training. Your clients will have no doubt that they have invested their time (and money) wisely.


To inquire about opening a BootKamp® Pilates & Fitness Studio, please email.

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